Below are the class start times. Do your best to show up 15 minutes before the class time to do any extra warm up work.



CrossFit Classes


                            Morning classes        Lunch classes             Evening classes


Monday-Friday       6am 8am                11:30am           3:15p 4:15p 5:15p 6:15p, 7:15p                                                                                                                (no 7:15p class on Fridays)


Saturday                                                  9am 10am 11am


Sunday (Open Gym)                                11am 12pm 1pm




Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday                 6:15pm




 Foundations Classes are scheduled once one is formed. Email us (HERE) if you are interested in starting!


We set up our classes to offer our members the coaching they deserve. We also want our members to harness the benefits found in the sense of competition while maintaining a team mentality, so we encourage people to show up about 5 minutes early to start the warm up with everyone.

CrossFit Classes We start each day with a warm up/skill work then we hit the Workout Of the Day (WOD)

Free ClassStop in for a one time free class to get a taste of the CrossFit experience.  Email ( to sign up for one!

Open ClassOpen classes are to make up for a missed WOD, practice skills n drills, or for work on your weaknesses

Foundation Classes Our Foundation Course is 6 classes long. It will prepare you to get started into CrossFit.

Rest Days– We advocate an active rest day to stay mobile and to enjoy your favorite sport or activity. If your body is screaming for a complete rest day then please take the whole day off.

class times and schedules are subject to change

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