Jan 312012

front squats


90 seconds rest between sets




for time:

-15 squat snatch (135#/95#)

-30 pull ups

-15 squat cleans (135#/95#)

-30 ring dips


post WOD:

-5 accumulate minutes in the plank

post your results to the responses

its gotta be the shorts

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  21 Responses to “Shorts”

  1. It’s def the shorts!

  2. My jump rope has been found! Thanks guys!

    And thank you Mader for the calculator!

  3. What a wod today. This is one I could use the work in, but I’m heading to Boston. I keep saying I’ll make it up but then that days wod is one I don’t want to miss either.

    @ Jisselle… the feeling is mutual !!!..and we’re not alone in our box. I could rip off at least a dozen names (including Jay) who EARNED and OWN that.

  4. What is the brand of the Paleo approved chocolate bar?

  5. Liberty chocolate

  6. No wonder nothing came up under Lifestyle (at least for chocolate bars!!!! 🙂

  7. I could manage 120# for the front squat. I used 30# for the squat snatch. I can’t do an overhead squat to save my life. I used 75# for the squat clean. My lower back pain definitely added to the problem today. Hopefully I’ll have a better WOD tomorrow. Take care everybody and have a good day.

  8. 135# x 5
    17:12 – used 80# for squat snatch and focused on technique… I think I may have it 🙂
    7 unassisted ring dips, then one band of purple for the rest.

    Awesome job 11:00!!

  9. Lisa I paid 42$ for a box of 9!! Dang!

  10. Heath I was looking for those coconut bars that you guys had some time ago wondering if they are still made and where do I grt them…

  11. Right now, I would pay $42 for ONE!! I am having a long bad day!! Seriously, this thing called WORK, sucks!!

  12. 140# front squat
    12:02 80# snatch and 95# clean

  13. Forgot…purple band ring dips…someday I’ll get them without a band :/

  14. Jisselle & Lisa – These candy bars are wicked easy to make, relatively inexpensive to make, and are ridiculously good.


    12:37 RX

  15. 140#x5 17:32 using the purple band for ring dips. Yowzer

  16. Also Liz informed me about these date coconut rolls at Randall’s farm that are worthy of a good beaten if someone tries to take it from u. You could make then yourself. Take a date, an almond, and shredded coconut. Stick the almond inside the date and roll the coconut on the sticky date. Thank her later!

  17. They sell those coconut almond dates at stop and shop.

  18. 26:36 with 125# squat snatch

  19. 160#x5

    12:05 – 95# Squat Cleans for both sets (bad shoulder) / 10 dips Rx/6 with purple, then 14 pull-ups to finish it off…quite a cluster of a WOD for me tonight!!

  20. 160# x 5

    15:26 with the purple band for ring dips & Rx weights. I second Katie – yowzers.

  21. 90×5, I got 100×3! Also a PR.

    14:52-I used 65# and did squat cleans for both sets, wide grip was not having it tonight. 20 dips RX and the last 10 with the purple band 🙂 I say I did some good work tonight 😀

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