Jun 302011

tomorrow’s workout will be team workout 4 from the regional workouts. it requires two females and two males.  start assembling your teams today!  click (HERE) for a video explanation.


note for this weekend: we will be closed monday july 4th but will not have any changes to our weekend classes



for time:

-150 wall balls (20#/14#)


Nick V. flying high during WOD 3  

The photos from the in-house competition are in!  bring a disc or some sort of memory device if you would like to copy the photos.  they came out GREAT!  Thanks again to Art (Danielle’s Dad) for the professional work.

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  18 Responses to “Karen”

  1. gotcha

  2. Hahaaaa! Steven its been a minute. Team Woooot Wooot!

  3. Karen….so what are we doing for the second and third workout….hahaahaha.

  4. Sweet pic Nick.
    Ry that need be determined.

  5. Traps and delts and tris…. oh my….
    I’m feeling it today!

  6. Good Morning CFIW !
    Handsome guy doing box jumps… as the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”… yea I know… he looks like his mother…wise guys…
    That’s a great picture though… I’d guess it’ll be facebooked by 10 am

    Heath….my back is tired/sore but not as bad as I thought.. thanks for keeping me in that WOD yesterday. As you guys say… good livin!

  7. Awesome pic….very handsome & sweet, just like his daddy! 🙂

    Ari, thinking about you & the pup!!

  8. Katie is offically out of the hospital. 🙂

    7:55 Rx

  9. Roger, Glad to hear you guys are all home now!

    8:31 Rx

  10. 1.5+ mile swim 1:10:??

  11. Nice Lori! You and Jason will be more than ready for Providence.

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5. 255/275/295/315/325

  12. deadlift burpee workout from yesterday 5RFT 5 deadlift (275) 10 burpees
    2:43 Rx

  13. 11:59 Rx

  14. 12:55 12 lb ball- Lori did awesome today! She negative split her 4th 5th and 6th 1/4 mile!!

  15. I’ll be in at 0900. Any other takers? I’ll do 0800 if absolutely necessary to work with a team though.

  16. 8:39 Rx…………yeah buddy.

  17. Dear Karen-
    There are very few things in life I hate and you are one of them! I’ll call it 19ish Rx, but I don’t really know for sure. There was a lot of choice words, landing on my butt, and frustration….
    Thank you Karen, you are the ultimate sanity destroyer.
    Until next time.

  18. Danielle, I am sure you LOVED those wallballs…lol.

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