Jun 272011

Preview for tomorrow…

New summer 6am class starts and it is kicked off with (????)

There are many great stories of heroism and tomorrow is an anniversary of one of them.

If you have time and the power tomorrow… try all three!



6 rounds for time:

-:30 second L-sit hold (accumulative)

-10 meter sprint

-15 vertical jumps (1′ above reach)

-10 meter sprint

 -15 lateral jumps (1′)


There is one word to describe Rob- Stud!  I don’t have all his final numbers but he took 1st place yesterday!  Great work Rob!

Dee still has the strength to swing Bella.

 Good times at Rob’s Strongman Competition yesterday!!

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  1. first……

  2. Here are my numbers from the competition yesterday:

    -1RM Fat Bar Deadlift— 550lbs (tie for first)
    -Overhead MEdley- 100lb Keg, 100lb DB, 200lb Fat Bar, 200lb Log for reps (60secs)
    Finished all the implements and 7 reps on the log 3rd place
    – 220lb Farmers Walk 50′ to 500lb tire flip 50′- Worst event of the day took 6th
    – 500lb Yoke 100′- Sprinted with it, finishing in 11.57 secs and in 1st place
    – Atlas Stones 195-225-240-175-300… Finished all 5 stones in 21 seconds, and won the competition by only half a point!

  3. Thats awesome Rob!
    You guys have fun! I dont know when I’ll be in so someone do the WODs twice for me.

  4. Roger hope everything goes great today!!

  5. Roger hope all is well today we’ll be thinking of u guys : )

  6. Wow Rob, that is a tremendous accomplishment! congrats to you!
    Roger, thinking of you guys. Im so excited for you!

  7. Job well done Rob! You put in work.

    Roger hit us up when Tristen Xavier St. Onge arrives.
    Best of luck to you and Katie!

  8. I am excited for you Roger, but more so for Katie! I know this day couldn’t come fast enough for her 🙂 I look forward to meeting the little guy!!

    Awesome job Rob, congratulations!!

  9. Thanks everyone! Her C-section is supposed to go at 130, but she has an ultrasound at 10. If anyone wants to come visit after we’ll be at Baystate Wesson.

  10. Good luck Roger and Katie. Super excited for you. Keep us updated, if you can.

  11. Good luck with everything today Roger.

  12. Congrats Rob!! 550lbs…that number is just amazing!

    Roger & Katie…my thoughts are with you…can’t wait to meet the little man!!

  13. Signed up for the Endurance Cert. at the end of August. Dear god, what have I gotten myself into? Anyone? Bueller? 🙂

  14. Good luck Roger!!

    15:08 today with very ugly L sits.

  15. Gods greatest gift… congrats Roger and Katie…

    Roger my body feels like I did the Wod twice and my time was pretty much double what you’d do it in so,… you’re covered.

    Rob… serious job… nice work!

  16. Haha thanks guys. Awesome job rob!
    So they finally got the baby out at 6:11 and he’s pretty much already as big as Paul haha. 22 inches and 9.81 pounds

  17. CONGRATS Roger and Katie!!!!!!!!! What a lil beast! I can’t wait to meet him. The CFIW family just got bigger. Woooot Woot!!!!

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