Jun 262011

Yesterday was great! 

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event.  We have a couple more contenders that couldn’t make it and they wish to do the workouts this coming week.  After they give their best we’ll post the final results.  I’ll say this much… it is tight!!!

We would like to thank Danielle’s Dad for taking the pictures! I can’t wait to see them.  He said he’ll bring by a disk of the photos. If you would like any – just let me know.


We are heading down to Windsor CT to watch Rob compete in a strongman competition.  Meet us at the gym if you would like to go!  We will leave at 930am.


6am class starting this Tuesday!!  Every Tuesday through Friday this summer we will have a 6am class.


Make up day and/or a skill development day


Jason enjoying some good livin’ after a long day of competition workouts

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  1. First

  2. ouch…GOOD MORNING CFIW…ouch… what a great…ouch… day yesterday…
    I wish we could have stayed for the rest of it… can’t wait to see the pics
    GREAT JOB EVERYONE… you are so inspiring to watch, it drives me to not want to let up…we sure have some elite athletes @ CFIW….Heath, your pullups are crazy smooth…
    Not sure if those WOD’s surprised anyone else like they did me. On the wall the only one that overly concerned me was the last one, but they were all tough and the last one just buried me. Nick and I were saying this one beat Heath’s birthday WOD… Just a great day!

    Shout out to Rob….GOOD LUCK TODAY !! I know you’ll kick A _ _

  3. Just want to let everyone know that I made a video of the first two wods yesterday and posted it on the crossfit ironwill Facebook page. Let me know if it works.

  4. Great video Rick!!!! http://youtu.be/dTMGHh4tv7w
    Awesome job everyone!!!!!!
    Ouch is right Norm.

  5. There are 1000+ pics from yesterday. Tons of good ones!

  6. Awesome video Rick! Wish I was there! Looks like everyone kicked a**! Great job everyone!

  7. Sad I missed it, I was travelling for work. I made them up today but would have much rather been in the mix with everyone else! Next time…

  8. I would like to thank u Heath for putting together such a good event for us to take part in seeing everyone kick a$$ only drives me to get better and the constant positive motivation helps push me even when I feel the tank is empty what an amazing family you have created here at CFIW and I’m truly proud to be apart of it!!!

  9. Heath- I can probably make these up tomorrow.. About how much time do you think these WOD’s take? AND.. i’ll be there for the 6AM WOD kick-off on Tuesday.. I hope it’s a “hammock napping” WOD.. i hope, i hope!!

  10. if anyone else is making these up this week, let me know, i’ll do it with you

  11. SUNDAY FUN RUN. Run as far as you want but pay close attention to surroundings.
    Guy mowing his lawn – 20 push UPS
    Kids riding bike – 20 sit UPS
    Suv passes you – 20 – 4 count jumping jacks
    Every corner you take is all of the above plus 20 4 count flutter kicks. I did 2 1/2 miles in 39 min and it was a long 2.5 miles

  12. Natalie – I am making it up this week. What days are good for you. I usually get there for 11, but maybe earlier, depending on the day.

  13. Awesome video Rick! Thanks for doing that. I’ll get it posted on the website.

    Great job yesterday to everyone!

    Lori and Natalie, I’d love to get everyone together that hasn’t done the comp wods. Matt F, Noah, Brian, and Nick D wanted to do the workouts. If we can work out a time where you guys meet up-that would be great. Wednesday or Thursday at 11am? Katie can make the Thursday at 11am.

  14. Fantastic day yesterday…what energy having so many outstanding athletes in one room!! & yes, thanks again Heath & Katie for making such a nice family for all of us 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great week!!

  15. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that came out to support me today. You guys are AMAZING and i cant wait to be back at school and training at CFIW! I ended up taking 1st place in my weight class and qualified for Nationals! It was an amazing day and it truly means a lot that you came out to support me. Thank you again, and i’ll be seeing you all soon! =)

  16. Congrats Rob… really great to hear… and good luck at the Nats… my brother will fill me in on details, he was helping out today down there…

    Ditto’s to Shawn & Lisa’s comments as well..

  17. Rob that’s AWESOME so proud of you!!! Yesterday was amazing just another example of the great family we have @ CFIW!!!!

  18. Great throwdown yesterday!!

    Heath – I have a disc of all the photos I will give it to you tomorrow!

  19. Thursday’s booked for me.. But I can do tomorrow, friday and maybe wednesday

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