Jun 252011

This will be an awesome day!

We are excited to host this competition.  It’ll be a fun environment that will allow everyone the chance to experience a competition.  This will also serve as our assessment tool to find our top athletes.  The top males and females will have the chance to join our team for the lifeasrx tour competition in Hartford next month.

Check yesterdays post below for the schedule and the heat assignments

Show up early (9 to 930am) for a good warm up and time to hear the workout explanations

Reminder:  Heat 3 will judge Heat 1 and vise versa.  Heat 4 will judge Heat 2 and vise versa. Please help out as much as possible when you are not working out!



as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes

-3 power cleans (Rx-115#/80#. Scaled- 95#/65#)

-5 front squat (Rx-115#/80#. Scaled- 95#/65#)

-7 pull ups (Scaled-jumping)



8 minute time cap to find you 6 rep max on the jerk

you have :30 to complete each attempt for your 6 rep max



4 rounds for time: (25 minute cut off)

-10 burpees

15 wall ball (Rx-20#/14#. Scaled- 14#/8#)

-200 meter run

-15 box jumps (Rx-24″/20″. Scaled-20″/26″)

-10 thrusters (Rx-95#/65#. Scaled-65#/45#)


we’ll test different metabolic engines to find your strength and weakness.  the complete athletes will be exposed.  nothing special or fancy about these workouts – they will just test your ability to perform

 Go 100%!

more burpee pull up fun with the 1 foot jump above reach!

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  1. FIRST !……….. maybe the only time today!

  2. Good luck to all that are participating in todays competition!

  3. OH YEAH…bring it on! This is going to be a GREAT day…lot’s of energy
    & skill flying around the gym today!!

    Good luck to everyone…

  4. Good luck to everyone today!!!

  5. Awesome work today everyone!!! I am continually amazed by what the human body can do…

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