Dec 272010

death by wall ball (20#/14# @ 12’/10′)

with a continuous running clock do one wall ball @ 12′ /10′ the 1st minute, 2 wall balls the 2nd minute, 3 wall balls the 3rd minute, 3 wall balls the 4th minute, etc.  go until you can’t finish the number of wall balls required for the minute you are on.

strict form will be enforced today.  if all the standards of the wall ball aren’t met the shot won’t count.

Clay, Abby, & Benji doing a Christmas WOD

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  12 Responses to “Death by Wall Ball”

  1. HERE’S an even better WOD: snow shoveling ’til you’re blue in the face…

  2. Roger i cant make it this morning but ill be there at 4pm

  3. Thanks for the post Nick. I was wondering where you were!

    Morning crew..well there wasn’t one! What happened this morning guys? Too much snow?

  4. I had every intention of coming in this morning, but I had my work cut out for me at the house!

  5. The weather looks crazy in the northeast! We hope to have a smooth trip home without any delays. See you guys tomorrow.

  6. Ill see you guys at 4pm. Give yourselves some extra time. its still snowing here!

  7. it wasnt the snow that kept me it was laundry

  8. Yeah I forgot how much work it is to shovel snow.
    I’ll be there at 4 to get my WOD in too, so I’ll see you all there.

    Heath, Good luck!

  9. Death by Wall Ball: 14 Rx

    Death by pullups: 17+14 (blue)

  10. I forgot my death by wall balls! and I stopped death by pull ups after 20 cause something in my shoulder didn’t feel right.
    Great job everyone!

    Tonights WODs messed me up haha. I jammed my finger, smacked myself in the face and bent my glasses with a wallball and my shoulder. It was not my night tonight.

    Stay safe everyone, drive carefully!

  11. Best Death by Pull ups EVER!!!! WOOOHOOO! 10+9!

    Death by #46 Thruster =12+9. That was hard…. and I kept having flashbacks of Fran for some reason…yuck.
    Nice work PM crew!

  12. death by wallball 15+13
    death by pullups 11+9

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