Feb 172012

Iron Will Times

In addition to our regular schedule tomorrow we have a CF Kids make up class at 9am and our last Pre-Open Competition class at 12pm.

Sunday is the last CF Kids class for this session.  Our next session will began Sunday March 4th at 9:30am.  Sign your kids up soon!  We are making some minor changes to the Kids schedule.  We’ll have a 9:30am-10:15am class for the younger kids with a suggested age of 5-10.  There will also be an older/advance class at 10:15am-11:00am with the suggested age of 10-14.  The 10:15am class will take kids younger than 10 if recommended by Ari, Jaime, and Sarah and approved by the parents.


Any help with the Fight For Air Stair Climb would be great!  It’s coming up soon- Saturday March 3rd!  We can use a few volunteers.  Email me if you can help out.  Click (HERE) to sign up under our team or to help out with the donations.  Thanks.


The first Open WOD will be posted Wednesday Feb 22nd… Who’s excited about that???

Below is our Schedule to host the Open WOD’s.  Mark your calender!  They are subject to change but we will do our best to adhere to the following.

Week 1-Saturday February 25th at 12pm for the Official Kick Off!  BBQ after!!!

Week 2- Friday March 2nd at 10am, 1pm, 6:30pm

Week 3- Saturday March 10th at 12pm

Week 4- Friday March 16th at 10am, 1pm, and 6:30pm

Week 5- Thursday March 22nd at 10am, 1pm, and 6:30pm.  Sunday March 25th at 2pm for the Grand Finale!  BBQ after!!! The Maltz Challenge is Friday March 23rd.

If you can’t make one of the scheduled times then we’ll schedule you a make up day with a coach/judge to approve your score. 



as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

-5 deadlift (315#/250#)

-10 bar-facing burpees

one members performs a round while the other rests then switch

post your results to the responses


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  24 Responses to “Partner WOD”

  1. Excited!

  2. Camera batteries charged and ready for the opens!!!

  3. Btw that’s one amazing picture…

  4. Lookin good Bruce!! Gettin it done!

    Fantastic photo Bruce, looking strong & mean!!

    Congrats Norm & Dee on the pull-ups!

    Anything that includes a BBQ excites me!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the pic Eric. It’s a nice one of Bruce. Norm and Dee, great job on the pull up bars yesterday!

  7. Thats a face of determination! Nice Bruce!

  8. Heath, can we still attempt the WODs for the opens even if we aren’t signed up? I don’t want to take space away from someone who needs it- but I want to try them.

  9. Kerin, Great question. We are going to post the open wod as our daily wod. So everyone will do the open wod that shows up that specific day. The same standards will be presented to everyone and everyone will be held to the same standard. The only difference will be the one on one judging.

  10. Yay.. I am with Kerin excited to try…and really hoping in the next 5 years to improve enough to REALLY do it @ Masters level

  11. I am officially signed up for the Opens! I’m going to hit these Opens WODs with the mentality of the Honey Badger!

    See you guys tonight for something tremendously different and/or scaled from this WOD. My back is en fogo from Tuesday still.

  12. I just jumped in too PJ…..After a strong week and last nights work, I’m jumping in.
    Honestly, thought I was going to wait, but was convinced it is what it is and to do the best I can. Soooooooo..

  13. Dee and Norm … Congrats on the pullups! It was worth the break in the wod to see the excitement going on over there. Way to keep working till you got it!

  14. Hey PAS if you’re out there can u post the crab cake recipe…thanks!!

    p.s., Norm, I’m addicted to the chopped salad…I just can’t stop

    Heath, just thinking out loud here, but can we either rent out the neighbors bathroom or get a port-a-potty for the opens…there is going to be alot of peeing going on before that clock starts!! hehe

    I need a new job, this one is NOT holding my attention!! 🙂

  15. Lisa,

    I just tried my best attempt an the PalAYoh fish cake recipe, is on the paleo tab

  16. Do I really look that crazy?
    Sorry if I scared anyone when they opened the site! LOL

  17. Hey Gang,
    Dad and i worked together tonight. =) We Got…
    4 Rounds + 23reps. 255#
    Dad was really ripping out the his last set of burpees to give me some time at the end there; It was a great time. Solid WOD today =)

    P.S. Lookin’ Good Bruce!!!

  18. annnddd i just realized i said the same thing as my dad about Bruce… I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far hahaha

  19. Hey nice picture Bruce…..Grrrrrr… Btw I know it is last minute but a bee of us are going to Theodore’s tonight to have some Paleo drinks….Belated birthday toast…if u can attention please come down and celebrate with us…..

  20. Most people would think Bruce’s pic is no Bueno. However we think otherwise…We’re another kind of breed…
    Anyways, Celebration time!

  21. Johnny and I worked together at 225#. Got 5 plus 13. Back held up! See you guys tomorrow!

  22. OHS PR! 105! Finally! That was really exciting.

    Mo and I got 3 rounds today and she used 115# and I used 165#. Good work Mo!! 🙂

  23. So I have added a SET on my Flickr page specifically for photos I have taken at CFIW or of CFIW members at events. Please feel free to grab the pictures of yourself, or Heath for the main page. I only ask that you provide photo credit for me, as I am trying to get my name out there, specifically in Crossfit type events. Thanks Guys… keep up the great work!

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