Aug 252016




(6×2/2×3) 80-85%

every 2 minutes


as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

-3 deadlifts (315#/225#)

-1 round “Cindy”


Throwback Thursday to Jason’s 70.3!

Aug 242016


as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes

-15 wallballs (20#/14#)

*each set of wallballs must be performed un-broken. Must stop at 15 reps*


Spread the #Positivity !!

Aug 232016



Bench Press

(6×2/2×3) 80-85%

Every two minutes


for time

-30 calorie row

-30 push press (115#/85#)

-30 hang power clean (115#/85#)


Aug 222016

Thank you to all of you who showed up and brought someone on Friday. Stay tuned for the next bring a Friend Day.

Get your handball in this Sunday at 8:30am!!

If you are interested in having a workout named after you, please submit your workout to us by the end of the month.


for time


-front squat (155#/105#)

*100m run after each round*

-directly into-



*100m run after each round*

Aug 212016

Liz is back from Vacation, and ready to kick start your week, with a Sunday BootyCamp!!!!

Open Gym


Aug 202016


as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes

ascending ladder

-3 power snatch (115#/85#)

-3 toes to bar

-6 power snatch  (115#/85#)

-6 toes to bar

-9 power snatch  (115#/85#)

-9 toes to bar


Aug 192016

Partner WOD:

as many rounds as possible in 14


-goblet squats (70#/53#)


*one partner is working on the 21-15-9, while the second partner runs 400m. Switch when the partner comes back from 400m run.*


3..2..1..Go! Partner one starts working on the 21-15-9 of goblet squats and burpees. Partner two starts on running 400m. Once finished with the run, partner two will pick up where partner one left off. Continue this switch on and off for the duration of the workout.


CrossFit Iron Will community! Bring a friend in today to get in a workout with the Iron Will family.


Aug 172016


as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

-2 muscle-ups

-4 handstand push-ups

-8 kettlebell swings (70#/53#)

alice dee

Dee and Alice went head to head last night! Dee lifted some heavy weight with a 435# deadlift

Aug 172016

In case you missed yesterday’s post about our upcoming events; here is a recap of the upcoming events for Iron Will.

-Friday August 19th, is bring a friend day. Bring in someone free of a drop-in fee for the day.

-Sunday August 28th we will be having a handball tournament, if you are interested let Cullan or Roger know, and be ready to play!

-October 22nd we will be hosting a Co-ed wordlwide competition, WOD’s and sign-up information will be sent to us soon, and we will relay the information on to you.

-The two in house announcements are as follows:

  1. we will be running a challenge WOD that will extend for a two week period to be completed which will result in a small prize package for the winner.

We want you to make a WOD with your name as the benchmark name. The parameter we ask you meet is that the workout can be completed in 25 minutes or under. These workouts will be posted as the Iron Will daily WOD!!



8×4 back squat (80% of 90%)

every 2 minutes


2 rounds for time

-24 calorie row

-12 box jumps (30″/24″)

-6 hang squat cleans (185#/135#)

Aug 162016

After five weeks of all of you throwing down, here are the final In-House team and individual standings!!

Top Three Male and Female Scores, make-up your teams score

Here are the Finsl Team Standings!

1- Quarter Pounder 

2- Too Fit to Quit 

3- Team Less Twerking more Jerking 

4- Team 6

5- Team WON

6- The Real Americans

** In addition, Team Less Twerking more Jerking took home best dressed for 4 out of the 5 weeks. As more team spirit, America was represented strong each week by team  Too Fit to Quit, who takes home the best team spirit!!

Thank you to all of you who participated and helped out, we greatly appreciate all the help, team spirit, and community feel you all brought to the gym each week!


scores: EMOM for as long as possible 7 thrusters, 7 pull-ups, 7 burpees

Roger-248 (1)

Cullan-164 (2)

Edgar-164 (2)

Zack-158 (4)

Gabe-120 (5)

Nelson L-102 (6)

Greg G.-102 (6)

Nelson Z-99 (8)

Fitzy-83 (9)

Geoff P.-83 (9)

Lewis-82 (11)

Brandon-82 (11)

PJ-62 (13)

Chris K-38 (14)

Scott W.-36 (15)

Felix-35 (16)

Anthony-34 (17)

Final Men’s standings

1-Roger (9)

2-Gabe (32)

3-Zack (41)

4-Fitzy (53)

5-Nelson L (53)

6-Cullan (59)

7-Brandon (62)

8-Geoff P. (79)

9-Greg G (85)

10-Lewis (110)

11-Chris K (113)

12-Anthony (120)

13-Felix (144)

14-Scott (146)


scores: scores: EMOM for as long as possible 7 thrusters, 7 pull-ups, 7 burpees

Lexie-208 (1)

Gen-121 (2)

Liz-61 (3)

Jaime-60 (4)

Katie A.-57 (5)

Katie F.-57 (5)

Cathy-40 (7)

Natsha-20 (8)

Julie-14 (9)

Maura-10 (10)

Jess P.-7 (11)

Sonia-125s (12)

Sherrie-83s (13)

Lisa-53s (14)

Final Women’s standings

1- Gen (25)

2-Liz (31)

3-Lexie (35)

4-Katie A (43)

5-Jaime (45)

6-Katie F (60)

7-Maura (62)

8-Cathy (73)

9-Sherrie (90)

10-Julie (98)

11-Lisa (103)

12-Sonia (107)

13-Jess P (115)