Jul 222014

Iron Will Times

Please take some time today to read through whats going on with Pat Padgett and his battle with Cancer (HERE).  He is a native of Ludlow and a fellow CrossFitter.  We will be doing Pat’s WOD on Saturday August 2nd.  There is a donation page set up for him (HERE) or you can donate at CFIW on the 2nd.  I’ll ensure 100% of our funds are sent directly to him.  He can use our help so lets step it up and let him know he is part of our family.



10 minute cap

5 sets of 5 L-pull ups

rest 5 minutes

as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

-100 burpees

-30 shoulder to overhead (135#/95#)

pat affiliate

Lets help build his spirits through our support!

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Jul 212014


5 rounds for time:

-200 meter run

-20 kettlebell swings (70#/53#)

The CrossFit Games starts this Wednesday!!!

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Jul 202014

Schedule for Today

11am – 2pm: Open Gym


Doing pistols around the globe

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Jul 192014

Schedule for Today

10am, 11am, 12pm: CrossFit Classes

1pm: Mobility Class



for time:

3 rounds 

-8 kettlebell turkish get-ups (53#/35#, 4 each arm)

-7 strict ring rips with a turn out on the top

2 rounds 

-28 burpees

-1 lap around the Mills on a bike or 1500 meter Row or 1200m run


a rocking 515 class!

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Jul 182014

Iron Will Times

Our In House Team Competition has been moved to Sunday September 14th in an effort to make it more available for our members. If you haven’t signed up you can (HERE).  Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some good fun team competition.  The regional team will be the coach for each team!  Beer and BBQ afterwards!

Bike WOD tomorrow!  Don’t forget to bring one but it’s not required.


Partner WOD

as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

-15/10 thrusters (45#)

-100 meter sprint

note: member one does either 15 or 10 thrusters (male/female), then kindly gives the bar to member two so they can hold it in the front rack position, and thennn member one will sprint 100 meters.  once member one returns from his/her sprint member two can start their round.  the bar needs to stay in the front rack at all times.


Kickball was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came out to make it possible!

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Jul 172014

Iron Will Times

Kickball tonight!   I hope to see everyone there!  Please meet us at CFIW at 6pm.  If you can’t meet us at 6pm then go to the corner of Winsor St and Chestnut St in Ludlow and you should see us there!

One of our CrossFitting friends from South Shore contacting me about this great fundraiser they are doing.  It’s called Kettlebells4kids which is a fundraising and awareness building event, powered by Horizons for Homeless Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless children and their families across Massachusetts.  This is a real opportunity to change the direction of children’s lives…children who at no fault of their own are fighting an uphill battle.  I started a team for this event and you can join our team (HERE).



for time:


-deadlift (315#/225#)

-box jumps (30″/24″)

John J Felix

John J and Felix getting stronger!

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Jul 162014

Meet us at CFIW at 6pm this Thursday for some Kickball action!  We’ll be playing the great sport right up the road.  Everyone is invited!!  Does anyone have a kickball they could bring?



each section is for time:

-20 deadhang pull ups, 20 kipping pull ups, 20 butterfly pull ups (3 minute cap)

-35 power snatch (95#/65#, 3 minute cap)

-25 power snatch (135#/95#, 3 minute cap)

-15 power snatch (155#/105#, 3 minute cap)

note: record the time for each section.  no rest between the time caps.  if you finish a section in under the time cap you can rest until the start of a new timed section.


Melissa mak

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Jul 152014


10 minute cap

partner handstand holds

4 x :45 seconds each

try to only take :45 to 1 minute of rest between efforts

rest 8 minutes

as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes

ascending rep count with a 2 rep increase each round

-2 strict burpee (strict push up)

-2 wall balls (20#/14#)

-4 strict burpess

-4 wall balls

-6 strict burpees

-6 wall balls


kickball logo

YES!  KICKBALL TIME!  This Thursday at 6pm.  I’ll announce the location tomorrow.  Everyone is invited!  I hope to see everyone out for some Kickball!

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Jul 142014

Iron Will Times

You can sign up for our In House Team Competition (HERE).  August 9th is coming fast so don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some good times with a fun team competition.  The regional team will be the coach for each team!  Beer and BBQ afterwards!

We’ll have another bike WOD this Saturday!  Bring any type of bicycle or if you don’t have a bike there will be a running or rowing option.



pre wod work: 1 L-sit rope climb every :90 for 9 minutes

rest 3 minutes

2 minutes of max reps 2 minutes of rest

-hang power cleans (115#/80#)

-push press (115#/80#)

-thrusters (115#/80#)

rest 1 minute

post wod work: 10 burpees for every time you put the bar down during any of your 2 minutes of max reps


Throwback photo-Lori and Jason after their 2011 half Ironman!

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