Jul 042015

Schedule for Today

10am: CrossFit Class for the World!


with a 3 person team do the following for time:

-100 pull ups (use ring rows as a scale)

-9 x 200m sprints

-150 alternating planking burpeeings

notes: only one working member at a time.  hold the same rotation throughout the entire wod.  for the pull ups and sprints the member who just finished the work must hold a plate overhead (35#/25#) the plate can never be below the head until the burpees).  for the alternating burpees you must be in the top of the push up position for your working member to do burpees.  rotate every 2 burpees.

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Jul 032015

Normal Hours Today.

Only one class tomorrow at 10am.  Bring a friend because it’s also a free community class!

Partner WOD

as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes

-200 meter row

-20 kettlebell swings (70#/53#)

-15 wall balls (20#/14#)

in the first round member 1 will do the 200m row and 15 wall balls. member 2 will do just the 20 kbs.  in the second round member 2 will do the row and wall balls. member 1 will do just the kbs.  keep rotating like that until the 25 minutes is over.

Awesome action!

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Jul 022015

Normal Hours tomorrow.

Only one class on Saturday July 4th which will also be a free community class!  Everyone is welcome for join in on some CrossFit this Saturday at 10am.

Next Saturday is the Springfield Musketeers Combine.  If you want to try out please sign up ASAP!  You can do so (HERE).  We still need some help to run the event.  It’ll be spectator friendly and there is no cost to come watch.   


10 minute cap to find your 8 rep max back squat

rest 5 minutes

as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

-5 push press (155#/105#)

-5 front squats (155#/105#)

-10 burpees



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Jul 012015


for time (12 min cap):


-deadlifts (225#/185#)

-handstand push ups

at the time cap do 50 push ups for time


Josh has been killing it since he started in April.  Down to a 36″ pant from 44″ and down to 190# from 228#!  Keep it up Josh!

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Jun 302015

Normal hours this Friday July 3rd.

Saturday July 4th we’ll only have one class at 10am and that class will also be a free community class.  Bring your friends it’ll be a good one for our Nations Independence Day!


for time (12 min cap):

-1000 meter row

-50 thrusters (45#/30#)

-30 pull ups

at the time cap do 50 squats for time


Check out our new logo!  The Combine is coming up on us very fast!  It’s gearing up to be an awesome day on July 11th.  If you want to sign up you can do so (HERE).  If you can help us run the event by volunteering your time please email us!!

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Jun 292015


for time (12 min cap):


-double unders

-sit ups

at the time cap do 50 toes to bar for time


Wow!  Nice work on the 2000 burpees!  Katie Buns and Rachel did 520 burpees each!

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Jun 282015

Schedule for Today

11am – 2pm: Open Gym

finish25 hours and 120 miles later we made it!

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Jun 272015

You are reading our 2000th post!  So today’s goal is to have the gym do 2000 burpees at CFIW while we’re open.  Everyone who comes in can add burpees towards our goal of 2000 today!

Whoever contributes the most burpees today will get a free box of Fuel For Fire!

Schedule for Today

9am, 10am, & 11am: CrossFit Class

10am: Free Community Class


for time:


-hang power or squat snatch (155#/105#)

-pistols (2 count)


Relay time!

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Jun 262015

To guarantee a new CFIW shirt or tank top you need to preorder/prepay by today!

Partner WOD

as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

-5 deadlift (275#/205#)

-5 deadhang pull ups

-5 strict handstand push ups

other member runs 200 meters.  rotate every 200m.

JulieGo Julie!

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Jun 252015

Get your shirt and/or tank top order in by tomorrow please!  To preorder you’ll need to prepay and the price will be $20 each.

Women's Tank Men's Tee


for time:

-800 meter sprint

-30 chest to bar pull ups

-50 box jump overs (24″/20″)

-30 back squats (155#/105#)

-50 push ups

-30 walking lunges

-400 meter sprint


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