Feb 282015

Schedule for Today

9am & 10am: CrossFit Classes

11am & 12:30pm: Open

If you’re signed up for the Open you can come in to either the 11am or 12:30pm Open Class today.  Please show up early to start your warm up and be ready to start the 15.1 briefing right on time.

Come in with a game plan.  Know what division you’re doing and what weights you’re using.  Read all the details (HERE).

There will be a 10am heat tomorrow for anyone looking to be judged for the Open. This will be the only time to do the Open WOD tomorrow.


Workout 15.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)
5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)


1-rep-max clean and jerk
6-minute time cap

Watch the video so you understand the movement standards.

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Feb 272015


We have two Open classes tomorrow, one at 11am and one at 12:30pm.  Each will have multiple heats so show up early to warm up.  Please try to make one of those and be ready to help judge.  If you can’t make it tomorrow please let us know when you can.  Sport your team colors during every Open workout this year!

Find out what team you’re on below!



Team Captain: Norm

Team Name: V-minators!

Team Color: Red

Team Members: Josh R., MaryEllen, Adam T., Evan, Dee, PAS, Maggie L., Chelsea, Christine, Kellie, Nelson L., Shawn P.


Team Captain: Ty

Team Name: Sugar Nipples!

Team Color: Yellow

Team Members: Jesus Jr., Heath, Michelle C., Casper, Mark Jr., Tim F., John C., Zack, Anita, Jay, Jon H., Danielle, Matt G.


Team Captain: Lisa

Team Name: Bomb Squat!

Team Color: Pink

Team Members: Lori A., Edgar, Paul Sr., Nick Saccente, Tim M., Greg P., Matt A., Lewis R., Maura, Jisselle, Shannon, LJ, Hatch


Team Captain: Anna C.

Team Name: C-4!

Team Color: Purple

Team Members: Ben, Adam R., John J., Geoff, Mike R., Aaron, Nick Smith, Mickey, Rachel P., Lily, Kathleen, Tasha, Tony B.


Team Captain: Jason

Team Name: Mixed Nuts!

Team Color: Orange

Team Members: Ricky, Joe O., Tim S., Johnny P., Brandon, Chris C., Mark, Roger, Maeve, Brian, Katie A., Ashley S., Wichy


Team Captain: Cam

Team Name: Cam Jamz!

Team Color: Blue

Team Members: Mike P., Alice, Matt W., Mike D., Nelson Z., Chris K., Katie Spec, Gabe, Jessica, Julie M., Jaimie, Mary, Eric R.


Below is how your team can earn points each week!  Good Luck and may the best team win!

2 points for the team with the best overall score from the top 3 male competitors

2 points for the team with the best overall score from the top 3 female competitors

4 points for the team with the best top 3 male and top 3 female combined scores

2 points for the team that has the best CFIW male score

2 points for the team that has the best CFIW female score

4 points for the team that demonstrates the most spirit (cheer everyone on and wear your team colors!)


Partner WOD

as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

-ground to overhead (135#/95#)

note: rotate every 1-3 reps

right at the 5 minute mark

for time:

10 down and back sprints (25 meters down and 25 meters back, 5 each member)

at the 10 minute mark

as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

-ground to overhead (135#/95#)

note: rotate every 1-3 reps

Great show last night!

Go (HERE) for all the rules and standards.

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Feb 262015

Check out games.crossfit.com tonight at 8pm to watch Mat Fraser and Rich Froning throwdown after the 15.1 workout is released!  Rich Froning is the 4 time CrossFit Games Champion and Mat Fraser finished 2nd in the 2014 CrossFit Games in his first ever Games appearance.

Tonight we are having our draft to pick the teams within our Affiliate Team!  The teams will be released tomorrow.  If you haven’t signed up yet please help us out and sign up by 5pm today!  You can register for the Open (HERE).  I encourage you all to join us because you can do it and it will challenge you to be better!

Our primary times to host the Open workouts this year will be every Saturday.  One at 11am and one at 12:30pm. Do your best to try and make it here on Saturday’s for the Open.  If you can not make it on Saturday then email us when you would like to make it up.



for time:


-handstand push ups

-kettlebell swings (70#/53#)


run 400 meters after each round

Note:  If you plan on doing the Open WOD tomorrow consider a rest day today or some light work.  If you’re joining us for our primary day to do the Open WOD on Saturday then do today’s workout at about 80-85% effort and consider a rest day tomorrow.


A cool series of Roger and myself two years ago during 13.1.  13.1 brought us burpees and snatches.  What will 15.1 be??

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Feb 252015

If you couldn’t make the meeting last night send me an email and I’ll reply back with the details you missed.  If you’re not sure about the Open and would like more details then please email me or talk to one of our trainers about it. I would love to see more people sign up for the Open!  This year will be a blast.  I know there are still some of you who want to take part in the Open but haven’t signed up – you’re running out of time!  The first workout will be released tomorrow evening at 8pm.  You can sign up for the Open (HERE).



as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

-10 chest to bar pull ups

-10 thrusters (100#/70#)

 The whole Games season will be great this year!

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Feb 242015

We are having an Open meeting tonight at 6:15pm to explain all the details!  If you’re on the fence about joining in on the action please come tonight!



3 rounds for time:

-10 muscle ups

-25 calorie row


Nice work yesterday!

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Feb 232015

If you haven’t done so yet – Please sign up for the Open (HERE)!  It would be great to get everyone signed up by today so we can start organizing the teams within our gym!  If you want to learn more about the Open we have a meeting set up for tomorrow at 6:15pm.  Everyone is invited!



5 rounds for time:

-15 overhead squats (95#/65#)

-20 burpee box jump overs (24″/20″)


Congrats Edgar and Jay!  They look good in 1st place!

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Feb 222015


Schedule for Today

11am-2pm: Open Gym


Who can forget the epic Open battle of 2014… Tony vs Nick!

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Feb 212015

Schedule for Today

9am, 10am, & 11am: CrossFit Classes

12pm: Mobility Class



10 minute cap to establish a heavy single front squat

rest 5 minutes

5 rounds for time:

-10 jumping back squats (45#/30#)

-10 knees to elbow


Our 3rd year (2013) taking part in the Open was a great one!

EVERYONE can join us this year!  Click (HERE) to sign up for the 2015 Open!

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Feb 202015

Partner WOD

for time:

-100 deadlifts (225#/185#)

-150 box jumps (24″/20″)

-200 kettlebell swings (70#/53#)

one member does reps while the other sprints a 100m lap.  rotate as soon as the sprinting member returns from his/her lap.

1 (4)

Our 2nd time participating in the Open in 2012 earned our team a spot at the NE Regionals!

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Feb 192015

The Open starts in one week! 

We’ll host the Open WOD every Saturday this year.  It’ll take place right at CFIW and we’ll harness the competitiveness one step further this year by placing everyone who signed up on a team within the gym!  To organize this please register for the Open (HERE) by this coming Monday the 23rd.  Make sure you pick our affiliate and our team… CrossFit Iron Will.  There’s no reason to wait!  If you’re reading this you have a minute to sign up now!  This is our favorite time of year because the excitement is high and efforts are beyond belief!

Mark your calendar!  Tuesday the 24th at 6:15 we’ll have an Open meeting at CFIW.  Everyone is welcome to come and if you’re new to the Open then I highly encourage you to attend.

Just in case you guys missed this on yesterday’s post in the responses.  Tim Dimo from In The Box (1 minute from the gym) sent us the following info…

Hi Folks!

Busy? We would love to help you as you commit to a healthy lifestyle and save you time!

We are In The Box, located at 135 East Street in Ludlow, MA, a local business providing Homestyle meals ready to heat and eat. We have many different styles of food available, including Paleo, gluten-free, and other dishes.

Everything is prepared right in our store and stored in our cold cases for pick up. There’s no need to wait in line at a grocery store and then have to go home and cook. Many of our dishes serve 2 people for a great price.

Find our menu on our website at Intheboxludlow.com! We are also on Facebook and Twitter @intheboxludlow. Our hours are M-F 11a-7p and Saturday 10a-1p. We look forward to seeing you!  -Tim



for time:


-squat clean (135#/95#)

-ring dips

Roger, Nick, and Jason were the only ones who did the very first CrossFit Open in 2011.


Roger pushed to new levels as usual!


Nick and Jason both got their first muscle up then!

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