Nov 242014

Nikita will come out this Friday for his normal 1pm and 4pm weightlifting classes as long as we have enough people signed up.  1pm is about full and 4pm has more openings.  Please sign up and pay as early as possible.


This Friday we are having a one day sale on personal training, foundations, and memberships!  These deals can be used for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Check these prices out…

5 pack of personal training for $100 ($75 savings)

3 week foundations course for $50 ($75 savings)

1 year of member for $1000.  This deal is only for ONE member.

Those prices will only be available this Friday and can only be purchased in person at CFIW.



every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

-1 hang clean + 1 jerk + 1 clean + 1 jerk (70%, full squat)

rest 3 minutes

as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes

-8 ring dips

-16 kettlebell swings (70#/53#)

 paleo diet

eat up

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Nov 232014

Schedule for Today

11am-2pm: Open Gym

May not be up to world weightlifting levels but still impressive!

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Nov 222014

CFIW has a lot going on!

Thanksgiving is next week and there are few important notes you all should know.  We’ll have adjusted hours on Thursday and Friday next week.

Thursday the 27th (Thanksgiving) there will be no regular classes BUT we invite everyone to join us at 7am for a “fun” workout and/or join us at 9am for Hooverball.  This is our CFIW Thanksgiving tradition and it’s always a awesome!  I hope you can make some time Thanksgiving morning to join us!!!  Don’t know what Hooverball is… You can check out the rules we sort of follow (HERE).  We’ll be done by 10am.

Friday the 28th we’ll only have 3 classes. One at 9am, 11:30am, and 4:15pm.  All other days will have all our normally scheduled classes.

This is a cool opportunity to give… Starting right now we are collecting Holiday Bags for Friends of the Homeless.  You can find all the details (HERE).  You can simply make a bag and bring it to CFIW.  We’ll deliever them but we need all the bags by December 18th so we can deliver them on the 19th.

Saturday December 6th there are a bunch of us competing at CrossFit Revelation in Enfield for their MisFit Toys Competition!  There are still openings so sign up!!! But, if you don’t want to compete – it would be awesome to see you there to support and hang out with your fellow Iron Will athletes.  We’ll definitely head out after the competition and hit up Acapulcos in Enfield or wherever we can get some tables.   It’ll be a great day!

HOLIDAY PARTY UPDATE: Sorry for the delay.  We have our Holiday Party scheduled at Tony and Penny’s on Saturday January 17th from 6:30pm to 12pm.  This is another awesome tradition we do annually!  It’s always nice to see everyone looking good in non workout clothes and without a 3, 2, 1, GO being screamed.  This year the cost is down to about $25-$30 per person!  Once the meal is finalized we’ll have an exact cost.  Don’t miss out!


Schedule For Today

10am, 11am, 12pm: CrossFit Classes

1pm: Mobility Class



3 rounds for time:

-5 ground to overhead (225#/155#)

-10 muscle ups

note: if a scale is needed for the muscle ups either reduce the reps or if you don’t have any muscle ups do 10 chest to rings ring rows and 10 ring dips


Nefti and his wife have been killing it since foundations.

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Nov 212014

Partner WOD

20 rounds for time: (10 rounds each)

-7 burpee box jump overs (24″/20″)

-7 chest to bar pull ups

note: one member does a full round then the other will do a full round.  keep that full round rotation going until all the rounds are done.

World Record!

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Nov 202014


for time:


-double unders

-kettlebell swings (53#/35#)

each set must be done unbroken to move onto the next set


Race time!

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Nov 192014


5 rounds for time:

-5 pull overs

-5 front squats (185#/125#)

check out (THIS) video on a solid example of a pull over.


Get a partner and sign up!!  Who cares if you’re not going to win it, this event is a blast!  Cam and I are signed up again as a super team so join us and lets have some fun!  Click (HERE) to sign up.  It’s coming up soon so if you’re thinking about doing this one – you should sign up today!

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Nov 182014


max rep double unders in 2 minutes then go directly into the following

as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

-:45 second handstand hold against the wall (accumulative)

-20 wall balls (20#/14#)

-5 deadlift (315#/235#)

note: for every set of wall balls you do unbroken you can take :05 seconds off your next set of HS holds

 HOOVERBALL!!!  Will the returning Champs defend their title?


Yes we will continue our tradition of some CrossFit and Hooverball on Thanksgiving morning.

Here’s how it goes… 7am we’ll do a crazy pre turkey wod.  9am it’s Hooverball time!  We’ll close out the final game of Hooverball at 10am.  EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to come!  You can come for just the workout or just Hooverball or both!  I hope to see you all there because we have a blast every year!

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Nov 172014

Iron Will Times

Hey Iron Willers, please take a minute to read today’s post.

We could all use a reminder on some common CrossFit gym etiquette so I added a list for all to read.  This place is our home away from home and the people are like our second family.  Lets respect the facility, the equipment, and your fellow members which will make everyone’s experience here more enjoyable.

CrossFit Iron Will Gym Etiquette

1) If you’re early to class you’re on time.  By showing up early you’ll have enough time to get settled in and geared up.  Showing up late disrupts the progression of the class.  We understand sometimes things happen that cause you to be late.  However, if you’re a repeat offender please read rule #1.

2) Sign in.  This should be one of the first things you do when you arrive.  If you’re there to workout – sign in even if you’re not joining the next class.

3) You all are great at welcoming new members!  I’m sure you remember how nerve wrecking it was to start a new program at a new gym so keep that up!

4) Pay attention when the coach is giving instruction.  It really shouldn’t matter if you’ve been doing CrossFit for 1 month or 5 years, it’s disrespectful to have your own private conversation or do your own thing when the coach is trying to give instruction to the class. You may know how to perform each movement without thought, but not everyone does, so just be patient and quiet and let everyone get the full benefits of the coaches’ knowledge. Besides, you might learn something new about the lift that you would have otherwise missed!

5) Count in your head or use paper. Writing on the floor with chalk maybe convenient but if every member here wrote on the floor to keep track of their reps, we would be cleaning the floor all night!

6) Clean up your equipment, trash, and body goo!  Everything has a home so when you’re done with your equipment put it away.  Personal trash items like water bottles, towels, band aids, gum, tape, etc are left out all the time… Massachusetts can suspend your drivers license for littering and the Police are watching.  Lastly – sweat, blood, and skin might leave your body during a WOD and when it does please disinfect the area!

7) Pets are great but the gym environment has to be reserved for our members. Lots of people have pet allergies, and breathing in dander and allergens when you’re breathing heavily to catch your breath from a set of burpees isn’t cool. To ensure that Iron Will is a great place for all of our members, we have to ask that you please leave your pets at home.

8) Control your body and your weights.  Accidents happen and sometimes you have to drop your weights.  Dropping your weight carelessly puts you and others in harms way and it will prematurely wear out our equipment.  Make smart decisions and safely lower the weight when it’s feasible.

9) Kid Control.  It’s great that our kids are around to see our healthy habits but in our gym they need to be managed under the following rules:  Kids need to stay behind the tables in front of the gym (current kids area).  Kids are not allowed to play with or on any equipment.  Parents need to workout in an area visible and close to their child (includes running).  Parents are responsible for their kids behavior/safety during class and cleaning up after them.

Thank you for helping us improve the environment at CFIW.  If you have any questions or concerns about these – I would be happy to answer them.



every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

-1 hang snatch + 2 snatch (70%, full squat)

rest 5 minutes

for time:


-push press (135#/95#)

-lateral jumps over your bar (2 count)

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Nov 162014

Schedule for Today

11am-2pm: Open Gym

Worlds this past week has been great!

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Nov 152014

The 4th Annual MisFit Toys Throwdown is coming soon!  It’ll be held on Saturday December 6, 2014, at CrossFit Revelation in Enfield, CT.  This one sells out fast so find a partner and sign up!  It’s always a well ran competition and it’s close to home!  You can sign up (HERE)!


Schedule for Today

10am, 11am, 12pm: CrossFit Classes

1pm: Mobility Class



5 rounds for time:

-20 meter handstand walk

-20 roll to candle stick

-200 meter sprint


the aftermath

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