Aug 292014

Iron Will Times

Do you like the not seeing the WOD before you come in or would you rather see the WOD posted at 0001 as usual?  Please vote in the responses!

This is the final weekend we’ll be taking registrations for our In House Competition.  If you haven’t signed up please do so asap!



Bike muscle ups for todays WOD???

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Aug 282014

Iron Will Times

So far we have 38 people signed up for our in house competition (15 females and 23 males).  We need more ladies!!  We would love to see at least 48 sign up but more will be taken.  Come on Iron Will this competition is for all of our members and it’ll take place on Sunday September 14th! The cost will be $40 which will include the competition, a BBQ and beer following the competition, and it’ll help us raise money for the new gym mats for our new space.

If you want to help volunteer we’ll need judges and set up help.  Please let us know if you would like to help or you can submit your name as a volunteer or judge (HERE)!

Thank you!



A bunch of 11:30ers finished yesterdays wod in under the time cap!

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Aug 272014

Iron Will Times

The Ludlow Police Association, a non-profit organization, which is comprised of Ludlow Police patrol officers and supervisors, are requesting our support for their first 5k run/walk benefit for the Ludlow Police Department Special Response Team.  I’m registered to race in this Sunday morning 5k which will takes place on October 26 at 10am.  Lets all sign up and show our support for our towns Police Department.  It’s a simple sign up you can do (HERE).



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Aug 262014

Iron Will Times

Hey Iron Willers.   If you haven’t heard yet we are hosting an all ability levels team competition for all of our members on Sunday September 14th! The cost will be $40 which will include the competition, a BBQ and beer following the competition, and helping us raise money for the new gym mats we will need in our massive new gym!!!!

Registration is starting to pick up but we still need more to join!!

Every great competition is ran by great volunteers!  If you would like to help run this event – we will need judges and set up workers.  Please let us know if you would like to help out!

Good times ahead!



Andrew had to do just one more rep

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Aug 252014

Iron Will Times

Yankee CrossFit put on another great competition this past weekend.  The 5 of us who competed had a blast!  Thank you to those who came out to support us!  I’m looking forward to our next competition which will be a partner one at CrossFit BrickYard!  Registration has ended but if you’re free on Saturday September 6th come down to Windsor, CT to hang out and support those competitors!  It’s going to be a good one!

CrossFit Kids Update:

Dear parents, 

In an effort to build a more consistent CrossFit Kids program at CFIW, we are reaching out to interested parents for some feedback regarding our fall schedule.  We understand many of our young crossfitters participate in fall sports but wish to complement their athleticism with the occasional wod.  In an effort to accommodate as many young CrossFitters as possible, CFIW would like to offer a more regular schedule of two weekday classes and one weekend day for an 8 week session.  The new gym space allows for concurrent adult and kids classes.   Class punch cards can be purchased for participation.  

If you believe your child is interested please kindly respond with the age of your child and available week day hours between 5 and 7pm.

We look forward to hearing from you and kicking off a fun fall session! 



6 rounds for time (15 min cap)

-1 deadlift (405#/275#)

-2 box jumps (30″/24″+ bumpers)

-3 squat clean thruster (205#/145#)

-10 bar facing burpees

note: only one bar per person. use about 90% of your 1rm DL if you need to scale.  after your deadlift take off the bumpers needed to go to your squat clean thruster weight then add those bumpers to your box for your box jumps.


Proud of this lady!

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Aug 242014

Schedule for Today

11am – 2pm: Open Gym


Nice Casey!  2nd place in the scaled division

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Aug 232014

Come hang out with us as we compete at Yankee CrossFit in Farmington, CT today!  I hope to see you there.  Click on the highlighted names for directions.

Schedule for Today

10am, 11am, 12pm: CrossFit Classes

1pm: Mobility Class


Nasty Girls V2

3 rounds for time: (16 minute cap)

-50 one legged squats (alt)

-7 muscle ups

-10 hang power cleans (175#/115#)


Incredible work Mr. Nick Smith!  Keep it up Sir!

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Aug 222014

Nikita’s Weightlifting classes are at 1pm and 4pm today.  If you signed up please be on time.  If you want to join one of the classes there is still room for you.

Who would like to join us at the Boston Iron vs Miami Surge Grid match?? It’s this Sunday and a few of us from CFIW are going.  You can buy your tickets (HERE).

A handful of us are competing tomorrow at Yankee CrossFit in Farmington, CT.  If you don’t have plans come and support the CFIW athletes competing.  I hope to see you there.


Partner WOD

for time:

21-15-9 each 

-deadlift (225#/185#)

-thrusters (95#/65#)

-box jumps (24″/20″)

-pull ups

note: member one will do the full 21 round solo.  after member 1 finishes their 21 round member 2 will do their full 21 round.  the wod will continue in that fashion.

Help us decide what poster to get for our weightlifting area at the new gym



or Stallone?


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Aug 212014

There are still a couple spots left for Nikita’s weightlifting class tomorrow. It’s a great class!  It’ll be about 2 hours long, one class will start at 1pm and one class with start at 4pm.  If you would like to join one of the classes please pre pay the $25 fee today.



4 back squats (85%) every 4 minutes for 16 minutes

rest 4 minutes

as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

-5 handstand push ups

-25 double unders

john j

Mr. John J working hard as usual!

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Aug 202014

Iron Will Times

Nikita is coming back for another two weightlifting classes this Friday, one at 1pm and one at 4pm.  These classes are limited to 6 people per class so if you would like to attend please sign up and pay the $25 fee today.

The Lurong Paleo Challenge is coming up soon.  It’s a great opportunity to get your diet right or learn more about how good you’ll feel and perform with proper nutrition.  I encourage everyone I know to sign up because it works.  You can sign up (HERE).

I would like to close out our In House Competition sign up on Sept 1st to start organizing the teams.  If you plan on doing the competition please sign up soon.  If you on are thinking about signing up… DO IT!  It’ll be total blast and it’s doable for anyone!  You can sign up (HERE).



10 minutes to work on handstand walking or handstand walking drills.  use a partner if needed


Brickyard Brawl Event

as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes

3, 6, 9, 12, … going up every round by 3 reps

-toes to bar

-hang power snatch (95#/65#)

-lateral bar over burpees

note: this is a solo version of the event.

cfiw tri

keeping up with any type of fitness challenge!

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